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Good question.
This is a brief breakdown for new readers and old friends alike on my webpresence, so bear with me as I explain.

Who are you?
I am Esther Hugenholtz, a cultural anthropologist and rabbinical student from the Netherlands.
See my profile or my
website for more detailed information.

What is Dreamwidth?
Dreamwidth is an interactive blogging community where individual members can create and maintain accounts (such as this one) and can read and keep in touch with other people's accounts. It is a unique combination of a blog, a personal homepage and a forum.
Dreamwidth is free and a spin-off of

Why do you keep this blog?
Maintaining and updating my webpage is a lot of work (especially for my dear husband who is a lot more tech-savvy than I am).  Therefore, my website serves as a 'storefront' and my dreamwidth blog as the ever-changing (and updated) 'interior'. I like writing in general and I learn so much on my path to the rabbinate that I enjoy sharing this with my readers. It will give friends a chance to stay in touch with me and newcomers a chance to get to know me.

Why is this blog bilingual?
Simple: because I am Dutch but live in the United States. I have friends and connections the world over. I want to both keep a global perspective and a local interest and write about topics that are both interesting to Dutch and non-Dutch readers.
Dutch and English posts will roughly 'alternate' but I will not translate individual posts. Generally, posts pertaining to the Netherlands and the Jewish community of the Netherlands will be in Dutch while posts pertaining to my life and learning in the United States will be in English.

Is this blog going to be personal?
No. I will not be discussing my personal life on this blog. Rather, I will be writing about my experiences, observations and learning and use this blog as a platform to share my 'professional' writing.

How do I leave a comment on a blogpost of yours?
You can leave comments by clicking on 'reply' below both as an anonymous visitor and as a dreamwidth member.
A comment opens a thread where you can have discussions with other visitors.
Since this is my blog (and essentially my private domain) I maintain the right to moderate comments as I see fit. The basic rule of engagement is: play nice.

I have a dreamwidth account. Can I friend you?
By all means. It is up to my discretion if I friend you back, but chances are, I will.

Where else on the Internet can I find you?
First of all, you can find me on my personal
You can also find me on
Twitter, on LinkedIn and on

Hyves (a Dutch networking site).
On Twitter you can find my microblogs, while LinkedIn is a professional networking site that gives you access to my CV.
Hyves is a informal Dutch networking site which I don't use often but where I can still be found.
I am also on
Facebook but I only connect there with contacts and friends who I know 'in real life'.

How can I contact you?
I am not about to indulge the spambots by jotting down my email address here, but go to my 
website and click on 'contact' if you wish to email me directly.

Enjoy the blog!


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